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Jayesh packaging is anand gujarat based company registered since 1983. We are well known dealer of all packaging material such as corrugated boxes, corrugated sheets, cardboard boxes, plastic barrel, metal scrap, plastic sugar bags corrugated paper roles, etc.

We negotiate with dairies of Gujarat and pick up the scrap material of dairy packaging products. Our go-down is located at mogri gana road near anand, where we recycle all these scrap material and sell it to whole sellers all over Gujarat. We are dealer of fresh packing materials also. At our go-down Arround 14 to 15 employees are working. 

we regularly negotiate with dairies like Amul Dairy Anand, Bal Amul, Vidhya Dairy, Mother Dairy, Sumul Dairy Surat, and other dairies of Gujarat.


Our go-down location